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Hybrid/Electric Vehicles:

Much of these maintenance items will apply as a hybrid vehicle will still have a gasoline powered engine, brakes and tires, among other things. Strictly electric vehicles won’t need fuel filters or spark plugs, but will have other applicable maintenance requirements as will the electrical component of a hybrid vehicle’s drive train.

Transmission Discount Centerhas qualified technicians familiar with hybrid and electric vehicles. 

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1)  Fluid Levels

2)  Filters

3)  Brakes

4) All Belts and Hoses

5) Tires, Steering and Suspension

6) General Engine and Transmission Operation

These are just some guidelines for effective preventative maintenance. Individual vehicle requirements and driving habits play a major role in determining a comprehensive, effective preventative maintenance program

Transmission Discount Center, we perform all types of Preventative Maintenance including periodic, 30, 60 and 90,000 thousand-mile services.

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Everyday life is busier than ever these days, and the thought of car maintenance is looked at like going to the dentist; if we happen to think about it and have nothing better to do. Effective preventative maintenance goes well beyond regular oil changes, and will help to keep you on the road and of the hook of a tow truck.

With automobile prices where they are today, it’s absolutely wise to slow down and spend more time taking care of your investment – your car or truck.

Preventative maintenance really does extend the life of your car, and rest assured, it can’t all be done in the time it takes to change the oil.

Items that need to be checked when the hood goes up should include:

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